"Educate don't Titillate" 

There is something to be said in the transferal of taste and The nude angle from Porn to Art.

There is a independent film call 'Shortbus' written and directed by John Cameron Mitchell that perfectly illustrates my point. the film is a 'Posed and staged documentary' about the human condition, sex and social relations. it features sexually diverse ensemble of emotionally challenged individuals who just suck at being anything but alone and unsatisfied... the artistry of the film is undeniable, it won a couple of film festival awards... but the controversy come is the vivid narration and depiction of the stories sexual content. the agreed charge and perverse content in some of the scenes has been Slammed for its apparent 'cross over' into realm of porn.

"Much of the sex in this movie is un-simulated." "Sex, like music, is a universal language. We want to use it to introduce character, evoke emotion, propel the plot. Sex is also the funniest thing I know. How the hell do we find ourselves in those positions?" Mitchell 

I totally agree, at times i found the film, uneasy, awkward, and brutally honest to watch. and where as its not an oscar winner... I can see the absolute mastery in the concept.

Another example of this is the H bomb mag...


Intended as a art project and social exploration of the Harvard student body. it was again branded as pornographic. but i find the realization and the controversial acceptance of some of these sexually arts based media fascinating. clearly no one is going to win the turner price with live Sadomasochism. but the blurring of public acceptance lines makes being a young artists mind whir with the possibility of 'More".