Badwan is a badman... Lumina Project.

This guy is crazy good.. at everything. I mean its practically sickening.

The front man of the horrors, which is what he is best known for. he has also racked up a shoot with the photographic don' Vito, Matt Brindle for the black balloon shoot; and a whole host of artwork, predominantly pen drawings, currently featured in London's Brick Lane Bodhi gallery. he also had a feature in Super super mag last year with these visual delights.

He has now embarked on his directorial debut which I'm pretty stoked about I mean you like his band or not [I'm a fan] you can not deny this guy is a creative force. his new solo Project lumina, in which i suspect is the underpinning for his solo creative 'brand', is Unsurprisingly, it's not all sunshine and lollypops... its well and Truly all Faris.

The project is being covered by the Vodaphone and Vice [VBS], collaborative effort... bringing creative people out into the light, sounds good to me. Peaches, la roux, Henry Holland, and more are involved. each with a video documented project, well worth a Browse. Hopefully its the start of something bigger.

Anyway have a look for yourself... Watch the [Full Video] here.