WIcked Wickker Man...?

French's Wickker Man... 

Had no Internet for a couple of days now… the lack of social connection has spurred me on to Covet the philosophy of omniscience. Watching the
Masquerade scenes in the 1973 rendering of Wicker Man. Has fuelled my love of the principles of obscuring the truth for manipulation of fate… a misconception “the game of the hunted leading the hunt”. The fool willingly climbing into the jester suit, a tragic and unsettling manoeuvring of truth and fabrication.

It is in the knowledge of these islanders that they achieve a kind of omnipotence over the Constable… In their unity they find strength and there lies in addition to the constables foolhardiness, and blindness they attain omniscience and moreover omnipotence. The finally it heightened in the beauteous irony of his unyielding faith in a failing and cruel religion, that realises and concludes only his mortality. It seems to me they’re all as mad as each other by the time the film is through. Blinded by belief, and lack of consequence.