Mindfull Self-affirming Jargon' from a creative fav' of mine...

It is of the greatest interest to me to see the beauteous working of mortal minds.


need to be needed.
want to be wanted.
reinventing self endlessly
progression vs substitution, Fight!
our heart; personality prostitution


"It's not you.
It's me."
your words and my mind.
sync. briefly.

and part.



breaks boys walls,
takes the fallen pieces,
buries all shards deep within his skin,
he bleeds, it hurts,
but wants to keep them safe.

he makes things of me,
I could only pretend to be.


In our restless state
a mess is in me
this place of ours, looks like a bombs hit it.
you blink twice and pull at the rubble.

stop, look, please listen
there's nothing down here.

scream, write, headline and forget.
I said there's nothing fucking down here.

shouting from above.
but you never look.
that far away.
to here.