Taxidermy. Immortality without the Heart in it. 

Not blogged for a while, got stuck on an idea that i could not keep alive. I tend to convince myself of things occasionally, and struggle to see how unhappy i can make myself. In the truest sense i endeavor; to be my own worst enemy. Of the back of my new outlook I opted to stay around Uni for a week of the easter break... get some of my work and ideas inline I'm far to drawn to the shining lights of the city to go back now. Right now I'm in a good place an honest place, its opening Alot of doors to me and behind these doors are people i like and know... shown in a deeper more 'intimate' light. its nice... to get that... i feed on it and yet have little knowledge of how to generate these Bonds. but hey lets play it by Ear... 

In the spirit of my new calm.. here it a 'Poem'[I have an aversion to using that name for some reason], out on of my books...

The encapsulating Earth beneath our feet, it burns,
a Waiting fire 
of life 
and ruin.
our knowledge is what we hold dear,
and yet our ignorance is severe,
as we watch the chosen,
to die under a fleshy touch.
we are...
but mortal men,
and the mind is but a curse upon 
the soul. but,
Low the beast 
that waits below.
as we stride on to our doom.

Behold the waiting fires, 
as no god is here, 
only a omnipotent heat that rises.
but in the green,
 is a soul supreme.
battered and poisoned by blind arrogance.

beneath our feet a hell to pay
and we have not the currency or conscious.
for all fears and faults for all men one day.