"It is the case to walk on water or drowned.
It's our core, our flesh center, our surround.
our morality is one penny in for a pound,
this religion we sprout is nothing but, our irrational fear of the ground.
we ask 'god' to place us within a falsified graces
based on an earthly purgatory, the whim of mans fear and disgrace.
Beware the sound of the austere politician,
He knows the truth of you, but it is his world view he steers.
we can say these is no heaven in the clouds.
but to let the words escape, is to submit to the waters, choke, and drown.
so seek out life in the new view,
the resounding resolve of the few.
the kids that realized, broke free, and grew.
to survive the impossible, the untrue.
break free
be feral
the animal.
and your own realties glue."