Serious thoughts... that are Breaking my Voice apart. O_O

My next tattoo will be Beautiful i want to make mark that will mark my mind for ever not loose there mening in the fog of time and in the misty tundras of my age.

I did something a week ago that scared me beyond all realms of possibility... I have tried to write this, over and over... I only found out what I wanted to say today... I didn't think i was weak... but it required a different strength, one I assumed 'I' was not the 'proper casing' for; last Friday, I bore the coffin of My Best Friend's Mother, a Woman whom i respected greatly, before all others who loved her. I stood next to a man, who is my brother in every sense of the word other then blood, at the pinnacle of his grief. and literally shouldered his burden. The emotional weight of the undertaking broke me, but each step i took Built me a new. I am undoubtably not the person i was years ago.

In my teens I was looking for warmth, being lead only by the heat of the moment, and the city lights. But I'm burning brighter then ever... and i left behind the constraints of the past. 

JC and LNG, you did a cruel thing to me... but I pity you... as time passes you will remain ageless. but your right where I left you... in the anguish and poor resolve of our youth. I will pass you by and its good. you perhaps will never learn what bitter ugly people you are... but i doubt you will ever know any better.

Little red... we are better for it. x