Ok so this happened...

Zombie boy portrait…
added to ‘The Feed’ My uni project based on a litteral physical and visual feed of media and influence…
I have both negative and posative views on the guy who has stormed the fashion worlds catwalks (and my tumblr feed). but due to him being signed on for Muglers next season his importance cannot be ignored. he is doing a lot for the ‘social’ acceptability standards of tattoo’s piercings and body mods’ so he is of cause. part of my ‘feed’.

Also completed;
-Danny Boyle
-Naikaku sōri daijin (prime minister of japan)
-Gaga Vanity fair cover
-Taylor Momson Revolver cover
-Nicolas Sarkozy.

Was thinking of producing some prints of the Covers’ (Momson and Gaga). they came out great and took a longgggggg time ha, will have some stuf up on the web this week end.
also a very exclusive new venture of mine ‘BBS’ an Artist collective im Heading up. Got my eye on a Few of you. Hit me up if your interested. 
HB x